Our Grandson Gavin

Many of you who know us or have followed us on social media know of our grandson Gavin. We have been taking pictures of Gavin since he was a baby. He has been our perfect little model for every photo session idea we have and guess what? he ALWAYS cooperates lol. This past week, I took pictures of Gavin and his parents for their Christmas cards. Halfway through the photo session, Gavin asked if he could take some pictures too with my camera (that was a first!) I said sure and handed over one of my Nikon D750’s…well this kid shocked me!!! He took over like a little photographer boss!! I posted his videos on a few photographer groups and it went Viral! This crazy kid has such a huge personality. He is a sarcastic, hilarious 30 year old trapped in a 4 year old’s body. Here is the video of Gavin directing his parents in his first photo shoot as a photographer (side note: I accidentally left the focus on back button, so that’s why some photos are out of focus).

filmed with my iphone. This is our grandson Gavin. He is 4 years old. We have done many photo sessions of him and have also taken him along to many photo sessions. While doing a family photo session of him and his parents, he asked me if he could take some pictures.